Hafa Adai!

Welcome to the website of the worldwide Chamorro community!

Chamorro.com has always been about cultural preservation. For 16 years we have provided what would be expected from a cultural website; information on history, food, language, news, Chamorro clubs and gatherings, etc. At first, we were one of a very few Chamorro websites. Today there are hundreds of websites and social media sites. This is a great thing for the Chamorro people. Good and effective work is being carried out by many people to preserve our cultural heritage.

On many cultural fronts, the trend of erosion has been reversed - we are no longer losing information. The work of anthropoligists and historians in recent decades has brought us a treasure trove of new and accurate information about our beginnings, our ancestors and how we came to be who we are today. Chamorro language is being encouraged and taught in schools on all the Chamorro islands. We have more online Chamorro language resources than ever - new translations and audio files, dictionaries, tutorials, lesson plans, and more. We now have Chamorro dance back, albeit reinvented, and it it appears to have taken root and it is florishing. Chamorro music is widely available on CD and there are more bands and artists than ever.

Most exciting, our lost sailing tradition is undergoing a revival. On Guahan, the "Saina" was built and sailed to Luta. Saina is the first large sailing canoe built on Guahan in perhaps 300 years. In San Diego, California, Chamorros built 47 foot sakman "Che'lu", the first Chamorro Flying Proa (Sakman Chamorro) seen in over 250 years. Her builders are making plans to sail her home to Guahan where they will surely be met by TASA members who are building and sailing proas using local wood and traditional tools.

In this collaborative online environment, Chamorro.com will play a somewhat new role. We will focus on two areas with great potential for promoting a strong sense of cultural identity; the sakman Chamorro and Chamorro language. We will help you learn to build a sakman and we will help you learn to speak Chamorro.

We will also continue to provide this website as a shared resource for Chamorros everywhere to share information, keep in touch and learn. The new website is designed to allow anyone with a login to contribute. With a login you will be able to add pictures, recipes, post messages, add club listings and post events on the calendar. In the next weeks and months we'll continue to add more features.

We hope you'll join in.

Estaki manali'e hit ta'o!

- The Chamorro.com Team