What is the greatest threat to our islands today? Is it the invasive rhinocerous beetles that are killing Guahan's coconut trees? The brown tree snake that the US Navy accidently introduced to Guahan in the 1940s causing the extintion of 10 of Guahan's 12 bird species? No, the greatest threat is the US Department of Defense!

Even if the CNMI people, the Congress, and the Governor all say "No!", the DOD plans to forcibly take Pagan anyway by evoking "Eminent Domain" in the name of "public good". Why? They want it for their highest level of live fire exercises. That's right - they plan to destroy it with bombs, mortars, rockets, land mines, tanks, shells, etc. They're even inviting their Asian allies to join in the fun.

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Recruiting: Northern Marianas National Soccer Team

Are you of Northern Marianas descent? Do you like the idea of playing soccer against athletes in Asia? If so, the Northern Marianas Islands Men's National Team wants to talk to you!

In 2013, the "Blue Ayuyus" played international matches against Nepal, Palestine, Bangladesh and the Philippines. In 2014, they're playing EAFF Qualifier matches against Macau, Mongolia and Guahan.

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Sakman Chamorro

Did you know that our Chamorro ancestors designed, built and sailed large canoes that for thousands of years were the fastest sailing vessels in the world? Our Sakman, known to the world as the "Chamorro Flying Proa", were clocked in the 1600s at over 21 miles per hour!

The movement to bring back the Sakman and revive the Chamorro sailing tradition has been gaining momentum and made history recently with the launch of Sakman Chelu, a 47 foot wooden proa built by Chamorros in San Diego. What's next? A goal of 500 Sakman in the water by 2030! And the best news - you can have your own sakman through the 500 Sails project!

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